Welcome to Deep Learning Daily

Hey what’s up !

My name is Harpreet, I’m a developer advocate here at Deci.

I’ve been hanging out in a lot of deep learning communities lately. Most communities I’ve come across are learning communities, but I’d like to start a community of deep learning practitioners to talk about their most challenging problems, discuss ways to solve them, and connect with each other. A community of people who are asking difficult questions about the types of challenges only experience in field surfaces.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the official launch of our new community, Deep Learning Daily.

Why Join Deep Learning Daily?

This is a place for practitioners like you to:

• Learn new skills through virtual events

• Solve your most difficult challenges by providing a forum for you to ask (and answer) questions

• Learn about new topics in deep learning from experts in the industry

• Network with other deep learning professionals

• Share your knowledge by being a guest for an AMA sessions

Now go on and introduce yourself!