The ECCV Posters Mega Thread

What’s up everyone.

Since y’all can’t come to the conference, I’m bringing the conference to you!

These are some of the posters that were being presented at the conference today. If there’s something you find interesting, let me know and I’ll get the author(s) on for a quick interview to learn more about their work.

A big theme I’m noticing this year is a lot of research in NeRF (neural radiance fields), pose estimation, and robotics. Lot’s of great research happening WITH code being shared.

Tagging @ZubiaMansoor, @salmankhaliq22, @kausthubk, @richmond, @lu.riera, @juandavid_gar, @chris, @mcgraw, @ThomIves, @mjcullan, @kbaheti, @sGx_tweets, and @anjineyulutv to see what you’re interested in learning more about. Let me know and I can try to get the authors on!

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More photos from the conference


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By some posters, I meant all :rofl:

That’s it for this batch of posters, I’ll send more tomorrow

There are two poster sessions per day, and SO much research going on that I’m not smart enough to understand (yet).

I’ll be posting some recordings of interviews I’ve done with some authors, and if there’s a poster that stands out to you let me know. I’ll try to bring the author on for a chat.

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This is so great, Harpreet!

Definitely let me know if you chat with the people who did the OCR-free Document Understanding poster!

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I’ll try to get them to chat with me. I’m recording interviews with people in person at the event. If you’ve got question you want me to ask, let me know.

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The first one by BAIR on studying racial bias in GANs looks interesting and is ofcourse, crucial.

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I’ll reach out to the author and see if they’re interested in doing an AMA session about their paper.