Tell us how you solved it!

Have you just solved a challenging problem and want to bask in a bit of glory? Well then, let’s hear your story. This is the place to brag about how you solved a tricky problem.

Provide as much context as you can.

Give us the backstory.

What were you trying to accomplish? What stood in the way of your progress? What part exactly were you stuck at or not understanding? What did you try? What was the outcome of that?

Tell us your tooling.

Give us the version numbers, your OS details, etc.

Did you write any code?

Share that with us. Be sure to copy the actual code and not post a picture of the code.

If you have an error message, then post a screen shot of that. Did the message give you any clues to solve your problem? What were they? How did you connect the dots?

Help others who may be in the same situation as you in the future.