Saying Hi For The First Time

Hi Everyone, I am new here and excited to learn and grow together.

Just a bit about me. I founded Integrated Machine Learning & AI, which is a group of data scientists that seek to grow and learn MORE TOGETHER.

I am the Senior Data Scientist for Echo Global logistics. I create models, AI, and analytics that help our company to become more profitable and serve our customers better.

I’ve developed a wide range of analytical models using data, multi-physics, and experiments. While I loves predictive modeling, I am also passionate to make sure that data is clean from collection to storage for achieving the greatest overall return on data for all.

I am married, have 9 kids = 4 bios + 5 internationally adopted + an awesome son-in-law + a daughter-in-law soon, AND I also regularly adopt people from around the world.

I am eager to start asking and discussing answers to questions in here.

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I am beyond happy and excited to have you here @ThomIves!

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Thanks @harpreet.sahota . I am sure we will have some great discussions!