March 17: The Business Case for AI with Kavita Ganesan (AMA)

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Join us for an exclusive virtual event featuring Kavita Ganesan, AI expert and author of “The Business Case for AI”.

In this session, Kavita will be sharing her practical guide for business leaders who want to implement AI initiatives that get results.

She will take the mystery out of implementing AI, providing real-world examples and showing you how to identify high-impact AI opportunities, prepare for AI transitions, and measure your AI performance.

The event is a must-attend for business leaders who want to jumpstart their AI strategy or manage their AI initiatives for better outcomes.

In addition to her presentation, Kavita will be available for an “Ask Me Anything” session during the event.

This is your chance to ask Kavita any questions you may have about AI, its implementation, and best practices for achieving success with AI initiatives. Submit your questions when you register or during the event itself.

Register here to secure your spot for this insightful event.

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