Jan 12: Deep Learning and Computer Vision with Eugene Khvedchenia (AMA)


Eugene is a true powerhouse in the world of deep learning.

With over 10 years of experience under his belt, he’s no stranger to tackling the toughest challenges in the industry.

He loves nothing more than pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology and helping others to do the same.

And he has the awards to prove it, having been a top performer in multiple machine learning competitions, including holding the rank of Kaggle grandmaster.

But what sets him apart is his unique ability to bridge the gap between business and technology, building well-engineered systems that solve real-world problems.

He’s also the author of the highly-regarded book “Mastering OpenCV for Practical Computer-Vision Projects”.

It’s an honor to have him here with us, please join us for this AMA session where you get to pick the brain of a Kaggle grandmaster and deep learning expert!

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