How to ask for help

First and foremost, your question is welcome here. Don’t be shy. Ask your question. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s elementary. We’re all here to learn and help each other grow.

Some guidelines on how you can make it easy to for someone to answer your question

1. Make sure you’ve done your own research first.

Tell us what have you already looked into, and why hasn’t that helped you.

Where are your gaps after trying to solve this on your own? Try to solve this issue yourself first. Understand where you are running into difficulties. List them and ask for specific help.
That way you help yourself to learn, and help the community to help you.

And if you do figure out the solution yourself, then head to the How I Solved It section and tell us how you did it!

2. Provide as much context as you can.

Give us the backstory.

What are you trying to accomplish? How’d you encounter this problem? Which part exactly are you stuck at or not understanding? What have you already tried? What’s the outcome of that?

Tell us your tooling.

Give us the version numbers, your OS details, etc.

Have you written any code?

Share that with us. Be sure to copy the actual code and not post a picture of the code. Otherwise you’re just forcing someone to re-write your code by hand, and not making it easy for someone to help you. You should use triple back ticks (```) to start and end a code block.

If you have an error message, then post a screen shot of that.

3. Proof read your post.

By this point that you’ve articulated the problem, shared details on what you’ve tried, and provided us with all the relevant details.

Now pause and re-read what you wrote.

Does it make sense to you? Did you include all the detail someone would need to understand your issue, recreate your problem, or point you in the right direction?

4. Write a good title for your post.

Make this the last thing that you do.

The title of your question is a first impression. How you write your title will influence whether someone goes on to read the rest of your post. Your title should summarize the problem you’re facing in one sentence.

Make your title matter.

5. If a response solves your problem, mark it as the solution

If any one runs into a similar issue in the future then they’ll know what worked.