Hi , I'm Juan David

Hi there, my name is Juan David

I’m a machine learning engineer from Bogotá, Colombia. I’m 24 and I love to learn about science and music. Currently, I’m interested in MLOps and especially model monitoring in production. Regarding my background, I studied biomedical engineering and I’m finishing my Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Books I’m reading at the moment:

  1. Designing machine learning systems
  2. Machine learning design patterns
  3. Natural language processing with transformers

Music I Like:

  1. Queen
  2. Pink Floyd
  3. Blues and Jazz

Hey Juan, thank you being here!

You’re in luck as we are having a text-based AMA with Shubham Saboo about GPT-3 on Thursday. Great opportunity to ask any questions of him.

My friend, Chip Huyen, has written a great book on designing ML systems. She’s agreed to do a talk with me about this topic, just a matter of getting the dates squared up.

Have you done any work with AI generated music?