Hey, I'm Shubham

Hi everyone!

Here are a few things about me:

Have a background in Machine Learning and NLP. I have spent the last two years learning about the Large Language Models ecosystem and the wave of opportunities it brings by making AI accessible to all. My major area of focus has been the evolution of the OpenAI ecosystem, ML as a service, and the new-age business that are formed on top of that.

Exploring the AI hardware ecosystem as Head of DevRel :avocado: at Tenstorrent after spending a good amount of time building software.

Love to connect with AI/ML enthusiasts, builders, and founders to learn more about your product/business built with AI.

Learning about ways I can help AI developers by enabling them with the right hardware to train and inference AI models in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Open to meeting people working in the field of NLP/LLMs with a focus on building products and businesses.

Connect with me on: LinkedIn, Twitter.



Excited to have you here and thank you for being a guest for text-based AMA on GPT-3! We still giving away a few copies of the book :wink:?

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Haha, thanks for the invite Harpreet.

Giveaway is on the pause at the moment, as we are focusing on the updates and will be releasing a new version pretty soon!

Excited to see you here @shubham