Hello Community!

Hi Community,

Happy to find this forum, because I think it will help me grow and share my passion for problem solving.

Here are some things about myself I can share:

Have a background in …
Accounting, Finance, Financial Services, Analytics

Exploring …
Text Summarization, and Portfolio RL

Love …
Mountain biking, trail running, traveling, and cooking

Learning …
Bayesian Statistics

Open to …
Project Collaborization, and coffee meetups

If you want, drop a link to your LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.




Hi Nick!

Glad to have you here. Thanks for the introduction, I love learning more about our community members.

Feel free to contribute, participate, or ask questions wherever you’d like.

See you around, hopefully you plan on attending some of the live events we have coming up?

That sounds good, I will check out the events you mentioned. Thanks!

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