Greetings, I'm Lu

Hello earthlings!

Introducing myself to the community here:

Have a background in mechanical + biomedical engineering. I am super interested in human movement. I played basketball/volleyball in highschool and college. I’ve always been curious of how to not only improve my athletic performance, but also track and measure it across time. That is what led me into the exciting world of data science/analytics, machine learning, and programming!

Exploring computer vision and deploying machine learning systems into a production environment. I have some experience with prototyping and working locally, but am ready to dive into the intricacies that come with having a production-ready deployment.

Love to learn and share what I learn with others. That’s why I have joined this wonderful community :slightly_smiling_face:

Learning computer vision and statistical techniques that will help in my human movement analysis. One recent topic I’ve been trying to wrap my head around is Kalman Filters. They’re really cool and helpful when dealing with noisy and uncertainties in your sensors. You should check them out!

Open to chatting 1:1, collaborating on fun projects, and sharing awesome resources from the interwebs.

Connect with me on: LinkedIn

Currently reading
FilterPy Documentation
MLRun Documentation
ZenML GitHub Page

What I listen to while working:
•Electronic music - progressive house, chill, synthwave

Currently watching:
• Stranger Things
• Ozark

• Playing basketball, volleyball
• Impromptu music sessions with my brother

Here is a picture of me in my youth jumping really high (back in 2010). Very proud of this moment:


Good to have you here Lu!

Regarding deploying computer vision systems into a production environment, we’ve got many experts here for that!

  • @richmond has recently moved from CV enginner to more of an architect/MLOps type of role.
  • @kausthubk might have some insight into this area
  • Our internal experts at Deci also have a tonne of combined experience in this area.

Feel free to ask those deployment questions in the Q&A area!

I’m interested in learning more about these Kalman Filters, drop your favorite resources for learning up on them in the resources area.

And man, nice hops! Getting some air there
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