Deep learning course for newbie

Can anyone recommend a free deep learning course online. all the ones I see on Google are paid. Am just a student and would appreciate any help. Thanks

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I would start with this 3 hour crash course by Andrew Glassner:

This will give you a great overview of Deep Learning.

From there, I’d move to more hands on application using PyTorch. For that I recommend the Zero to Mastery course by Daniel Bourke:

Skip the math and theory for now, just kind of get exposed to the ideas and concepts.

These should take you about 5 - 7 days to watch, stumble, rewind, redo, and grasp. If you have any questions along the way, come back here and ask.

OK. Thank you. Appreciated

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The Full Stack Deep Learning course is pretty cool - Course - Full Stack Deep Learning

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Oh dude, this is of course a must. I’ve actually got a call scheduled with Josh Tobin later today. We’ll be bringing him on for an AMA session sometime in the near future. Great recommendation here @kurtispykes